It is in 1967 that Jacques Jalbert undertook his musical adventure.

After leaving the family household to make his own life experiences he became a guitarist, bassist then keyboard player in the same group, producing themselves in different bars and pubs in Quebec and eastern Canada.

This way he acquired a great experience as a multi instruments player which will help him even more to better comprehend the harmony between an orchestra’s different instruments.

This fabulous trip in the musical world will last fifteen years during which he went along some of the most renown Quebec artists in popular pubs.

Even if self-taught, there is a musical structure showing a natural talent for classical music and it’s instruments in his compositions.

To this day, Jacques Jalbert possesses a vast repertoire of different style of compositions.

At 61 years old, Jacques invites you to a listening of his music. Hoping his humble contribution may give passion to talents yet to be discovered that might become, one day, the next great composers of the future.